2022 Update

News January 2022

Got my vaccines, got my first booster. Britain is going fascist and if Scotland gain independence I’m moving there. I still listen to screamo though I find it’s often difficult to tell whether a band is commercial or diy. Loads of bands that have been around for 5 minutes seem to have management and PR wtf.



My lovely husband Sam died on the first day of lockdown in the UK. I got involved in my local radical mutual aid group.



Gabriel Kuhn asked me to take part in his second book on straightedge – X: Straight Edge and Radical Sobriety


March 2017

I just got back from another of these excellent adventures with a friend I met through hardcore  – Juan the Peruvian punk. A million thanks to him for an awesome time in his homeland. Looking forward to We Built the World and Miss the Stars fest in Berlin in May and doubtless lots of brilliant events at DIY Space for London, our own local social centre.